Established in 2004 in Hanoi, with more than 17 years of operating experience, Thai Binh Duong is proud to be one of the major companies in Vietnam accompanying the development. development of partners and customers across the country, with the main business areas:

  1. Technical consulting, installation, maintenance, maintenance of all kinds of machinery and equipment and mechanical processing in the manufacturing industry ,
  2. Supply of machinery, equipment, spare parts, materials and replacement components in the field of manufacturing industry and factories
  3. Supply of supplies and materials for processing, manufacturing and packaging.

Especially on that ever-expanding development,

July 2018
Thái Bình Dương Joint venture with Company YUEI Caster Japan , established Pacific Yuei Vietnam Company (PYV Co.,Ltd), specialized in manufacturing steel cages exporting to the Japanese market and distributing domestically, affirming the value of product quality and response time. , raising the level of “Vietnamese goods” on the international market in the modernized industry is the inevitable trend of the future.